Processing Procedure

Processing for Indonesian Philippines

Process/ActivityNumber of Days
1.Selection of Domestic Helper through biodata or skype interview if possibleon-going (depends on set skills needed)
2.After selecting the biodata, employer need to submit the document to agencyWithin 1 week
3.Agency will prepare the immigration and embassy form for the employer to sign2 to 3 day
4.Malaysia Agency waiting for the original passport and medical from Philippines Agency2 weeks to 4 weeks (Depending on the personal document of the domestic helper)
5.After receive the passport & medical of the domestic helper from Philippines Agency, Malaysia Agency will submit the application to immigration for the domestic helper’s visa to enter to Malaysia2 to 4 weeks (depending on the volume of the immigration application)
6.After receiving the approval from the immigration, Agency Malaysia will submit the approval to Philippines Embassy for their POEA contract purpose1 to 2 weeks
7.After receive the POEA contract, Agency will send the both approval to Philippines Agency for further processing at Philippines. Philippines agency will arrange Tesda (NCII), OWWA (Language and Culture training), POEA processing, and Malaysia Embassy filing for the individual domestic helper2 to 3 weeks

Processing for Indonesian Maid

Process/ActivityNumber of Days
1.Selection of Domestic Helper through biodata or phone / WhatsApp / emailon-going (depends on set skills needed)
2.After selection Biodata, employer need to sign application form and submit all document required to agency1 week
3.After submitting document, agency will prepare form for stamping, and submit to Indonesia Embassy for applying QR CODE2 weeks
4.After receiving from Indonesia Embassy, agency will submit to Jabatan Tenaga Rakyat2 weeks
5.After Jabatan Tenaga Rakyat then agency will submit to Immigration for calling Visa approval. After approval then pay levy2 to 4 weeks (depending on the volume of the document of Employer)
6.After obtaining Calling Visa and Pay Levy, original of this together with original Contract, will send to Indonesian Agency for them to process the Domestic Maid Visa at to enter Malaysia.2 to 3 weeks